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Part 3 : How to Install Latest ICU system package for Presta on CWP7?

In this part , We will update ICU system package but the latest package is not available in repo. So we will build it manually then we will compile php again.
# cd /home/datahead/public_html/ # php bin/symfony_requirements # icuinfo | grep version # yum list available | grep libicu
How to Install Latest ICU system package for Presta on CWP7?
# cd /usr/local/src # wget # tar -xvf icu4c-*.tgz # cd icu/source/ # sed -i '/#define __UCONFIG_H__/a #define UCONFIG_ENABLE_PLUGINS 1' common/unicode/uconfig.h # ./configure --prefix=/usr --bindir=/usr/bin --libdir=/usr/lib64 --datadir=/usr/share --enable-plugins # make -j4 && make install # reboot # icuinfo | grep version Now We need to compile PHP-FPM 7.2 selected subversion: 7.2.X again.

Select everything except recode, & sqlsrv and save custom configuration. Don't use IMAP & Recode at a time Because imap (libc-client) and recode (librecode…

Part 2 : How to Install Presta on CWP Server

May be you are confused, Because you read our part 1 article. We have a domain ( , So we will use for our Prestashop. At first create an account for that domain, i mean host your domain on CWP server. I am assuming that you have root access to your CWP server.
1. Go to Home directory of that hosted Domain and Download Prestashop . Now unzip the downloaded file.
# cd /home/datahead/public_html/ # wget # ll total 60888 -rw-r--r-- 1 datahead datahead 5069 Jan 24 2017 index.html -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 62340959 Feb 2 02:21 # unzip Archive: inflating: inflating: index.php inflating: Install_PrestaShop.html 2. Fix the account permission after unzip the Presta

3.Now open your website in Browser
4. ICU system package and the intl PHP extension is outdated
5. Go to /hom…

Part 1 : System Requirements for Presta on CWP Server

If you think that you want to run online eCommerce business but you can't find any store then PrestaShop is right solutions for you. But Presta has special system requirements to run online store. Many hosting provider will provide high speed hosting/server etc but they don't meet the Presta System Requirements.
Section 1: To install PrestaShop 1.7 on the InternetA domain name (or a subdomain/subfolder)Recommended web server: Apache 2.x, NginxPHP 5.6+ , MySQL 5.0+ installed with a database createdFTP access (ask your hosting service for your credentials) ConfigurationIn the PHP configuration (php.ini file) set memory_limit to "128M" and upload_max_filesize to "16M" (or more if available). If you do not have direct access to the php.ini file, ask your provider to change the settings for you.SSL certificate if you plan to process payments internally (not using PayPal for instance)Must have PHP extensions: Mcrypt, OpenSSL, Zip, Curl, GD, PDOTo improve perform…