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CWP: How to Install Calendar for Rouncube

Goto the Rouncube Plugin Directory
# cd /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/roundcube # composer require kolab/calendar Follow the snapshot instruction
Edit the configuration as follows
# vi plugins/calendar/ // backend type (database, google, kolab) $config['calendar_driver'] = "database"; // default calendar view (agendaDay, agendaWeek, month) $config['calendar_default_view'] = "month"; // show a birthdays calendar from the user's address book(s) $config['calendar_contact_birthdays'] = true; // general date format (only set if different from default date format and not user configurable) $config['calendar_date_format'] = "dd-MM-yyyy"; // time format (only set if different from default date format) // $config['calendar_time_format'] = "HH:mm"; // short date format (used for column titles) // $config['calendar_date_short'] = 'M-d'; // long date format (used for calendar ti…
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MaxIOPS Block Storage VPS : Start Your Free Trial for 6 Months, Promo Code: AQX767

Today I’ll introduce with you a VPS server provider which is the best at its price and performance wise also. They are providing World's fastest cloud server as well as Private Cloud with MaxIOPS block storage services.

All cloud servers are deployed on enterprise-grade hardware. Together with Upcloud in-house developed software and proprietary MaxIOPS storage technology, you will get industry-leading performance at all times. Cloud servers are deployed in less than 45 seconds. With incredibly fast boot times, you will get up and running within minutes. Yes Upcloud , as the VPS provider it includes DDOS protection, Pure SSD and obviously Fair Usage i.e. no issue in the peak time (safe from noisy neighbors).

I am using two VMs on Upcloud and Migrated from AWS & Azure . Azure Linux instance is very slow to rebbot . Also Linode took more time to reboot the VMs . I was very frustrated that was running slowly on AWS & Azure . After Migration to Upcloud , is r…

CWP: Getting CSF Firewall error after CSF Updating

Getting CSF Firewall error after CSF Updating . From 2019-12-29, MaxMind REQUIRES you to create an account on their site and to generate a license key to use their databases. Run the following Command:
# csf -raError
Country Code Lookups setting MM_LICENSE_KEY must be set in /etc/csf/csf.conf to continue using the MaxMind databases You MUST set the following to continue using the IP lookup features of csf, otherwise an error will be generated and the features will not work.

Visit the following website to create new account ( and update your billing address and issue your Licence key for CSF firewall.
Now Edit your CSF configuration file & use your Key.
# vi /etc/csf/csf.conf MM_LICENSE_KEY = "your licence key" CC_SRC = 1

CWP: How to Allow or Block Traffic by Country in the CSF Firewall

Country-level filtering in CSF uses the Maxmind GeoLite Country database to obtain CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) ranges for specific countries. Each CIDR range covers all the IP addresses assigned to that country.
There are a number of reasons why a server administrator may wish to block traffic from a specific country, with reducing bandwidth, minimizing exposure to security risks, and ensuring that a site’s content is viewable only in geographic locations where it is permitted among the most common. However, there are several important factors to consider before choosing to filter traffic at the country level:
A small percentage of unwanted traffic still may get through, and a small percentage of desired traffic could be blocked, because:
the CIDR range lists used for country-level blocks are not 100 percent accurate.some Internet Service Providers and web services use non-geographic IP addresses for their clients.proxy services and virtual private networks can be used to mas…

CWP: Rate Limit Incoming Traffic using CSF Connection Tracking Option

CSF – How to limit the number of connections per IP address (Rate Limit Incoming Traffic By CSF Connection Tracking):
The first thing that can be done to mitigate the effects of an incoming attack is to limit the number of connections per IP address. When properly configured, CSF will track the number of connections from IP address hitting the server and block IP addresses at the firewall level should they exceed a defined limit.
It’s important not to set the limit too low, as protocols such as FTP, IMAP, and even HTTP all legitimately make multiple connections. Also, remember that most companies as well as homes and public hotspots may have many different computers on their internal network which all share a single public IP address. To set the limit on connections per IP address, scroll down to the Connection Tracking section of the Firewall Configuration page and set CT_LIMIT to the desired value.
1. If you want use 150 connections per IP address as an upper limit. You may find that…

How to Build Postfix + Dovecot Mail Server with Anti-Spam Solutions on CWP Server ?

By Default CWP server comes with Postfix + Dovecot + AntiSpam Solutions. We need to do some modifications on Postfix + Dovecot , for better security and high performance. In this series tutorials , We will learn how to build Postfix + Dovecot with AntiSpam Solutions .

Build CWP Mail Server
1. At first, We must have a valid FQDN with DNS Records (A & PTR). To generate new FQDN , Go to Server Settings >> Change Hostname .
We will 2048 key Size which is default or you can use 4096 key Size which is slower than 2048 key Size .
2. Build Postfix mail Server with AntiSpam/AntiVirus and  DKIM & SPF . Go to Email >> Mail Server Manager . Provide the FQDN and Domain then click on "Rebuild Mail Server"

3. Enable SPF & DKIM for parent Domain: Go to Email >> DKIM Manager 
Check also below the directory:
   TruestedHosts File Location: /etc/opendkim/TrustedHosts
   SigningTable File Location: /etc/opendkim/SigningTable
   KeyTable File Location: /etc/opendkim/KeyTa…

How to Configure autodiscover information for mail clients to setup pop/imap/smtp settings automatically on CentOS WebPanel?

Some mail clients will use a system called "Autodiscover" to figure out which settings to use for the pop/imap/smtp settings. You can set this up if you'd like, it basically requires a subdomain and a SRV record. You can add the SRV record into any domain you want to use these settings for.
If you've got a global SSL certificate in Postfix/dovecot for your hostname, this would be a good way to ensure clients use the correct value, so they don't get SSL certificate errors.
Let's assume you're going to have your clients with connect to for both IMAP and SMTP. So we have a subdomain called to store the XML, where is a Server FQDN . 
1.Setup a SRV record in the DNS zone: 3600 IN SRV 10 10 443, Creat a file named autodiscover.php on /usr/local/apache/htdocs/
# vi /usr/local/apache/htdocs/autodiscover.php Now Fix the permission
# …

How to Secure CWP Postfix and Dovecot with Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate ?

Postfix architecture is modular and contains different daemons each specifically handling only a few tasks. The most important daemons are the following:
master is the main daemon that starts all the other daemons.smtpd is the SMTP server daemon handling incoming connections to receive emails from another mail server or client.smtp is the SMTP client handling outgoing connections to send email out to another mail server.local is the local delivery agent responsible for delivering email to the local server.qmgr processes and controls all messages in the mail queue. Maps are used in postfix to control email routing. Such maps are used to accept or reject email, inform postfix about local recipients and more.

The main configuration files are which is the global configuration for all daemons and the which defines the runtime environment for the daemons. The configuration thereby overrides the configuration options from the
Lets Secure Postfix First 
# vi …