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How to Install Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse (DCC) on CentOS Web Panel for Postfix/Dovecot ?

Please do not try to use the ancient, modified versions of DCC software distributed by some Linux packagers. Those versions do not detect bulk mail as well as more recent versions. Installations using those old versions also have problems using the public DCC servers that often make it necessary to add their IP addresses to the blacklist that protects the public DCC servers. The DCC source is available at  and  Rhyolite Software .  The license on the free source is in the source as well as . The free license is intended to cover individuals and organizations including Internet service providers using DCC to filter their own mail. Organizations selling anti-spam appliances or managed mail services are not eligible for the free license.   Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse (DCC) Installation: Open UDP_OUT port 6277 in firewall. DCC RPM Sources: 1.