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How to Integrate Bayesian classifier in Spamassassin on CentOS Web Panel ?

The Bayesian classifier in Spamassassin tries to identify spam by looking at what are called tokens; words or short character sequences that are commonly found in spam or ham. If I've handed 100 messages to sa-learn that have the phrase penis enlargement and told it that those are all spam, when the 101st message comes in with the words penis and enlargment, the Bayesian classifier will be pretty sure that the new message is spam and will increase the spam score of that message. In order for SpamAssassin to be accurate, you must train it on your specific mail patterns. SpamAssassin has a Bayesian classifier that can be used to help refine the classification of spam mail. The sa-learn interface allows you to train SpamAssassin to recognize good mail and junk mail. You need to train with both spam and ham mails. One type of mail alone will not have any effect. To filter for spam: Save spam into a new mail folder called Spam Save non-spam (ham) into a new folder called Ham. You m