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How to use Malware Patrol along with ClamAv in Ubuntu 16.04/20.04 LTS?

Malware Patrol provides signatures that are compatible with Clam AV software. You can follow these simple steps to configure your Clam AV instance and protect your internal network, computers and users from getting infected by malware.  1) Make sure your Clam AV instance is installed and working properly. There are a few resources on the internet that can help you configure Clam AV in your platform.  If you are experiencing trouble installing and configuring Clam AV, start at the following URL:  How to install ClamAv antivirus with rspamd on Ubuntu 16.04/20.04 LTS? If you followed the above instructions, skip to step 14. 2. Install curl. For example: apt-get install curl 3. Install rsync. For example: apt-get install rsync 4. Install unzip. For example: apt-get install unzip 5. cd /tmp 6. wget -O ‘’ 7. unzip /tmp/ 8. cp /tmp/clamav-unofficial-sigs-master/clama

How to install ClamAv antivirus with rspamd on Ubuntu 16.04/20.04 LTS?

As usual I prefer to use open-source components. So the obvious choice is the famous ClamAV virus scanner. But its detection rate is ridiculously low with its default signatures. I heard of a study telling that in their tests ClamAV showed a 100% detection rate.  I myself have been scanning multiple infected emails with it (that have been found by another software) and it did not even find one infection.  So I started researching the alternatives – like a free-beer virus scanner from Sophos that worked well with the amavis-milter in the past. Its detection rate is pretty good. But no matter what I tried – I couldn’t get the two to work together. And to be honest… the documentation of rspamd’s antivirus module is incomplete to put say the least.  Then suddenly a friendly nerd pointed me to the SaneSecurity project that adds anti-virus signatures to ClamAV to make it actually useful. And this finally became the recommended solution for me. In a commercial setup where your customers