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Part 2 : How to Install PrestaShop on CWP Server

May be you are confused after reading our Tutorial Part 1. Don't be confused, we will proceed step by step. We have a domain (, So we will use it for our Prestashop. I am assuming that you have root access to your CWP Server. At first create an account for that domain, i mean host your domain on CWP server. Below the snapshot describes that how to host a domain. I hope you can do that.
1. Go to Home Directory of that hosted Domain and Download Prestashop . Now unzip the downloaded file.
# cd /home/datahead/public_html/
# wget
# ll
total 60888
-rw-r--r-- 1 datahead datahead     5069 Jan 24  2017 index.html
-rw-r--r-- 1 root     root     62340959 Feb  2 02:21

# unzip 
  inflating: index.php               
  inflating: Install_PrestaShop.html  
2. Fix the Account Permission after unzip the Prestashop

3. Select your Webserver Domain Conf settings under WebServer Settings for your domain: Nginx+PHP-FPM + PHP-FPM version 7.2 

4. Issue the SSL Certificates for your Domain that We are working for.

5.Now open your Website( in any Browser
6.  What you see? ICU system package and the intl PHP extension is outdated. Yes, you can update it easily. Before update the intl PHP extension, We will check the required version for PrestaShop
7. Go to /home/username/public_html/ and Now run the below command:
# cd /home/datahead/public_html/
# php bin/symfony_requirements
Here intl ICU version installed on your system is outdated (50.2) and does not match the ICU data bundled with Symfony (64.1) , So we need to update it. In our next Tutorial, We will update intl PHP extension from 50.2 to 64.1.