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How to Change Admin Port for Vesta Admin Control Panel?

I will show you  how to change the default Vesta port from port 8083 to port 2087. You could change your port number to any other number. I will use 2087 port because Cloudflare supports that port in their free subscription. So I can protect my server from DDOS Attack using Cloudflare Free Subscription.

In brief the steps to change your port are:
  1. Add the new port(2087) on VestaCP firewall
  2. Edit Nginx to Listen to the new port
  3. Restart vesta
  4. Delete the old port, 8083 .
I am not using VestaCP firewall, I am using CSF firewall to my Vesta Control Panel. So I not showing you Step 1.
2.Edit Nginx to Listen to the new port
# vi /usr/local/vesta/nginx/conf/nginx.conf