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CWP: How to Configure Connection Limit Protection with CSF on CentOS 7 ?

Connection Limit Protection: This option configures iptables to offer more protection from DOS attacks against specific ports. It can also be used as a way to simply limit resource usage by IP address to specific server services. This option limits the number of concurrent new connections per IP address that can be made to specific ports This feature does not work on servers that do not have the iptables module xt_connlimit loaded. Typically, this will be with MONOLITHIC kernels.
VPS server admins should check with their VPS host provider that the iptables module is included

Note: Run /etc/csf/ to check whether this option will function on this server
Step: Go to your CSF WebUI Panel and Select "Port Flood Settings" :

You can set limit for the number of connections to particular port by altering the value “CONLIMIT”.
CONNLIMIT = 80;20,443;15 
The above value will limit only
20 connections to the port 80 and
15 connections to the port 443 from single IP
Where is my Settings:
CONNLIMIT = 22;5,20;20,21;20,25;20,110;20,143;20,465;20,587;20,993;20,995;20,2082;20,2083;20,2095;20,2096;20