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How to Update ROOT Hints DNS ?

My WebServer DNS root zone file is outdated and it has no information about IPv6 and recently changed root server IP address. How do I update my root hints data file under CentOS 7 Server?

Under Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora Linux, default location is /var/named/named.root, enter:
 # wget --user=ftp --password=ftp -O /var/named/named.root 
Reload rndc to update information, enter:
 # rndc reload 
Another option is run dig command to fetch information:
 # dig +bufsize=1200 +norec NS . > /var/named/named.root 
The root zone's nameservers change over time, don't assume this list is current. Always download a new version of db.cache once or twice year is sufficient.

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