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How to Install CentOS WebPanel (CWP7.admin ) on CentOS 7.6

1.Requirements Before the Initialization of CentOS Web Panel (CWP) installer:

a).Only support static IP addresses and Does not support dynamic, sticky, or internal IP addresses.
b).CWP does not provide an uninstaller. After you install CWP, you must reinstall the server to remove it.
c).Only install CWP on a freshly installed operating system without any configuration changes.

Make Sure that you have performed Step 1 successfully

2.Software Requirements
You must have a clean/fresh installation of supported operating systems:
CentOS 6, RedHat 6 or CloudLinux 6, MINIMAL installation and English version only!
CentOS 7 is also supported, we recommend minimal version.

3.Hardware Requirements
32 bit operating systems require a minimum of 512 MB RAM
64 bit operating systems require a minimum of 1024 MB RAM (recommended)
Recommended System: 4 GB+ RAM so you would have the full functionality such as Anti-virus scan of emails.

4.Preparing Server : Let’s install required packages for CWP installation
# yum -y install wget
# yum -y update
Reboot your server so that all updates can take affect.
# reboot 
5.On CentOS 7: Installer for CentOS 7
# cd /usr/local/src
# wget
# sh cwp-el7-latest 
After Successfully installation, you will see the confirmation details with MySQL root password
Installation CentOS WebPanel (CWP7.admin )

6.Press ENTER to Reboot your server so that all updates can take affect and CWP gets started or you can reboot manually by using reboot command
# reboot 

7. Login to your server using SSL : https://SERVER_IP:2031 , 
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CWP Fresh Look after first Login