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Part 1: CWP Basic Configuration after Fresh Installation

I am very impressed that you have successfully installed CWP on your system. Now you have to configure some basic configuration on it . So Lets get started .

1.At first you need to setup "Root Email" 
To Set Root Email for alert & Shared IP : 
Goto CWP Settings >> Edit Settings
2. I'm going to use Apache WebServer only. Select From the left menu,
WebServer Settings >> Select WebServers >> Apache Only
For High Performance WebServer, Select Nginx + Virnish + Apache
Now Click on Save & Rebuild Configuration

3.SetUp NameServers : Goto DNS Functions >> Edit Nameserver IPs

4.Create a Hosting Package : 
Goto Packages >> Add a Package

5.Host your Parent domain that related to server FQDN : 
Goto User Accounts >> New Account

6. Follow Part 2