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CWP: How to Install tasklist or todolist for Rouncube

This plugin currently supports a local database as well as a Kolab groupware server as backends for tasklists and todo items storage.

1. Install the dependencies with Composer (This has to be done from the Roundcube root directory)
# cd /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/roundcube
# php composer.phar require sabre/vobject 3.3.3
# composer require kolab/tasklist 
Follow the snapshot instruction
Edit the Configurations as Follows
# pwd

# vi plugins/tasklist/

// backend type (database, kolab)
$config['tasklist_driver'] = 'database';

// default sorting order of tasks listing (auto, datetime, startdatetime, flagged, complete, changed)
$config['tasklist_sort_col'] = 'auto';

// default sorting order for tasks listing (asc or desc)
$config['tasklist_sort_order'] = 'asc';
Initialize the tasklist DataBase
# cd plugins/tasklist/
# mysql roundcube < drivers/database/SQL/mysql.initial.sql 
tasklist or todolist for Rouncube


This plugin doesn't work with the classic skin of Roundcube because no templates are available for that skin.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3


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