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CWP: Configuring Default Installed Roundcube Plugins after CentOS WebPanel Fresh Installation

There are some (Probably 4) Roundcube Plugins will be installed automatically when you install CWP that's need to be configured. Go to Line number 79,
# vi /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/roundcube/config/

 $config['plugins'] = array(    
So it would look like the following (From Line number 79):
1.There is no file in archive plugin directory. So no need to configure the 'archive' plugin.
2.Configuring the 'zipdownload' plugin
# cd /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/roundcube/plugins/
cp -p zipdownload/ zipdownload/
3.Configuring the 'managesieve' plugin
# cd /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/roundcube/plugins/
cp -p managesieve/ managesieve/
4.Configuring the 'password' plugin
# cd /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/roundcube/plugins/
cp -p password/ password/
Go to the Plugin directory and list all the plugins
# cd /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/roundcube/plugins/
# ll
You can check all plugins from the plugins directory.
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